Frequently Asked Questions 


I am joining after the Club season started; will my dues be pro-rated?

No. Dues are never pro-rated.

I pay taxes to Chatham Township; can I pay the resident rate?

Business / property owners are welcome to join the Club, but the membership rate is based on residential address.


My child is the only one in the family that uses the Club; can he/she join as an individual?

Your child must have graduated 8th grade and/or be 14 years or older by Memorial Day to be an individual member of the Club, but may not bring in guests, only members 18 and older can sign in a guest. Please see our fee schedule


My family is one adult and one senior; do I have to pay the family rate?

You may join as one individual and one senior. Please see our fee schedule. 

My family is one adult, one senior and one child; is the family rate discounted for the senior?


No. The senior must purchase a separate senior membership and can not be added to the family.

Do you have a membership category for a single parent and one child?

Yes, under 'couple'. You may purchase a couple membership as an option for this circumstance. A parent with two or more children must register as a family. For available memberships, please see our fee schedule.


My niece/nephew is visiting for the summer; can I add him/her to my family membership?


The definition of a Family membership does not include nieces, nephews, cousins, grandchildren etc. They would have to be added under the individual membership rate, or for shorter visits, you may consider our guest pass option, please see our fee schedule



I am a Chatham Township resident w/o a membership; can I use the Club?


Yes you can. If you are over 18 you can purchase a daily twilight pass after 4:30 PM, or you may come as a guest. All guests must be accompanied by a member who assumes responsibility for the guest’s conduct. Please see our fee schedule.


Can I buy a day pass for the Club?
Yes, if you are a Chatham Township resident, you can visit the Club after 4:30 PM. Please see our fee schedule. 

My grandchildren are visiting for the week; can I bring them to the Club?

If you are a member of the Club, you may bring your grandchildren as guests. Please see our fee schedule. 

Can I use the Club the same day I sign up?


Yes, if you join while the Club is open, you will be given a wristband to wear. Your badge will be ready for pick up at the front desk a day or two after you sign up.



I paid to add a babysitter to my family membership; can that babysitter sign in guests?

Babysitters can be added to a family membership as follows:

A babysitter (employee of the family, nanny, au pair, etc.) must be 15 years of age or older, and have as their primary duty the care and supervision of dependent children who are part of a family membership.


Babysitters may use the Club only when accompanying children without parents. Babysitters may not use the Club for their own use. See Club Rules.


If a babysitter 18 or older is asked by an adult family member to take playmates of the children he/she is supervising to the Club, he/she may sign in those playmates as guests.


A signed babysitter permission form must be submitted with payment.


My babysitter is not a member; can she bring my kids to the Club?


Since your babysitter is not a member on her own, and she has not been added to your family membership as a babysitter, she must be signed in as a guest. Please see our fee schedule



I am a Chatham Township resident w/o a membership; can I come as a guest?


Yes you can, all guests must be accompanied by a member who assumes responsibility for the guest’s conduct. Please see our fee schedule.


I have an individual membership; can I bring a family member as a guest?

No, members with individual memberships are not permitted to bring family members as guest on any day. Please see our fee schedule.

Can members under 18 sign-in guests?


No individual is permitted to sign in any guest if they are under 18 at any time. Please view our Guest rules here




Do you have to be a member of the Club to sign up for lessons?


Group swim lessons are for members only and begin in the morning before the Club opens. Private lessons are available through arrangement with individual instructors and are available during regular Club hours. Guests may sign up for private lessons. For a list of instructors, see the manager on duty. See Group Lessons and Private Lessons. 

My child can only attend half of the lessons; can I pay half the price?

No. Lessons are not pro-rated.

Can my child attend one or two weeks of one session and one or two weeks of another session and pay for a single session?

No. Your child would be taking a full slot for both sessions and class sizes are limited. In addition, swim classes are taught from lesson plans that progress throughout the session.




Do you have to be a member of the Club to join the Swim Team?

Yes, the Swim Team is for members only. 

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