Group Swim Lessons

Group Lessons 

Group Swim Lessons are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings to children who are members, at least four years of age by Memorial Day, and toilet trained.

  • Lessons are 30 minutes each
  • Lessons take place between 10:30 - Noon on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 
  • There are 3 two-week sessions of lessons throughout the summer; see schedule.  *Note: 3rd session subject to cancellation if attendance low

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  • ​​Please register via Community Pass, but this must be done at the front gate to track size of class and place child in correct level.
  • Lessons are $75/session
  • Lessons are not pro-rated; the full fee is charged regardless of how many classes are attended
  • Sessions are as scheduled; you cannot create your own session by combining weeks from 2 different sessions
  • Refunds are only permitted when requested before the first class of the session, otherwise NO REFUNDS once classes have begun.






Introduction to Water Skills

Teaches familiarity with water, bobbing, retrieving submerged objects and water safety.  Introduces floating, glides, and alternating arm and leg action on front and back.


Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Teaches full submersion, floats, glides, and treading water.  Combines alternating arm and leg action for Front Crawl and Backstroke.

Advanced Beginner 1

Stroke Development

Teaches diving, rotary breathing, treading water, Front Crawl and Backstroke. Introduces streamline position, the Butterfly kick, and Elementary Backstroke. Proficiency at this skill level prepares the swimmer to pass the Deep Water Test. Exit assessment: Pass Deep Water Test.

Advanced Beginner 2

Stroke Improvement

Introduces Breaststroke, Sidestroke, Butterfly, open turns, and surface diving. Exit assessment: swim 50 meters without resting.

Intermediate 1

Stroke Refinement

Introduces shallow angle dive, sculling, and treading water for 5 minutes.  Focuses on increasing swim distances. Exit assessment: swim 100 meters without resting.

Intermediate 2

Skill Proficiency

Teaches advanced turns and long-distance swimming.  Refines all skills and strokes. Exit assessment: swim 200 meters without resting. 

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